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White Doves Symbolize the promise and celebration of
Love, Peace, Fidelity, Unity, Respect & Good Luck

Are you considering a dove release!

What a perfect way to make any ceremony totally unforgettable.  Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, funerals, memorials.... all are enhanced by a flock of white doves.   A white dove symbolizes love, hope, devotion, faithfulness and more...wings of angels and new beginnings flying by.

So how does one make a white dove release happen?  Where do you find white doves?  I am often asked, "Can we do this ourselves?  Just we just buy the birds from a pet store and release them?"  The answer is NO!  You must get your birds from a white dove release professional.  White Doves are trained and will return home after the release.  If you release pet store birds, they will surely die. 

Similarly, the birds should not be shipped to you.  You must find your doves nearby.  The birds must be able to return to their loft safely, and there is a great deal of training and conditioning involved.  You must find a release business nearby, usually within about 50 miles.  

Classic white dove release with a keepsake poem for your wedding Poetry reading framed poem How do you find a release business?  Just go to  to find a white dove professional in your area.  Members of the society will take care of everything and provide you with a beautiful display and wonderful birds.

Can you suggest something to say at the release so everyone understands the   symbolism?  We have written a book of poems (two volumes) that contains many readings perfect for releases at weddings, funerals, anniversaries and much more.  The E-book version will be sent immediately, or select the printed version.  Even if you don't do the release, the poems make beautiful readings!    Learn more about this book.

 The following is a sample list of dove displays for Weddings, Anniversaries, Christenings, Graduations, Dedications, Quinceaneras, Funerals, Memorials, Bar Mitzvahs, or any outdoor celebration or event. 

Classic White Wedding Doves Release Ceremony
Two snow White Doves will be released at an appropriate prearranged time, such as on church steps or at the reception or during an outdoor ceremony.  You decide on the perfect time.

Spectacular Flock Release
A basket of snow white doves is opened by the persons of honor (bride and groom -- or perhaps a flower-girl), and a flock of doves flies high into the air.  This is perfect for celebrations like weddings, dedications, graduations, house warming or other special occasions.  

Solitary & Symbolic Dove Release

Release of 1 Dove. This is a perfect part of a graveside service, and a loved one can release the dove and let it fly from their hands up into the sky.

Formal Dove Display
Two white "Love" Doves are on display during the ceremony or in a prominent place where your guests can see before their release.

Three doves are released representing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  They circle high until  the forth dove is released (representing the spirit of the departed). the four doves fly high into the sky and away.

Other ideas might include:  21-Dove Salute, Flock of Angels, Birthday Doves

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